When to wear heels?A Tragedy!

Have you ever felt like wearing a 4inch heel.Yes!you have felt but do you wear it on the wrong occasion and dress.Today,you will definetly figure out if you were correct or wrong      

  • For a Movie,Evening 

Go for a causal wear but be cool.

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  • Party Night 

 When you have a party you prefer to wear a gown,wear pencil heels(black always looks good).This is the time when you can show off your collection(specailly when your a person who gets to attend many parties)


You bought it for other to see.Yeahh!your going to get to wear them.The best outfit you can wear ontothis is probably a mini dress for a pub party.

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    • Planning to go for a brunch

    Going for a brunch you normally prefer wearing a short-skirt or any kind of short piece.It is adiviced you do not wear jeans or crop top for a brunch.  On short dress it is beneficial to wear platform heel or funky shoe or white shoes with a simple design on it.


    Room décor ideas

    Now a days, decission making is a tough job when it comes to designing your room.I’ll help you with some best picked desgins for your room.

    • A work area with a comfrotable chair

    It a very imporatant to have a place where you can sit and do all your work like surfing or studying!A work place near to a window is always a good option, you can always change the colours of the sample.

    • A L-shaped study table 

    If your problem is place you can do this kind of interior which lets you have more space as your study table has taken less space!

    • Rich look to your room

    In this kind of room designs you have a very comfrotable and rich feeling as colours like grey black with combination of white make you feel relaxed. Poster give a different feel to your room.

    • A brandy feel 

    Chanel” As told before dim colours have positive vibes for some zodiac signs,if you feeled like having it as soon as you had a glance at it ,then you should prefer dim colours for your dressing room.

    • Colourful poster with black wall

    This kind of sofa in your room will make it different, painting will give it a completly extra ordinary.why? As your friends will find more place in your room. If you like to be different you shall try this.And the black makes it look more हटके ! 


    IF your not one of the dim love people go for a very colours room,not always with pink but any colours that you like . Do not go for black in your room. 

    • Love for books

    You have tto many books and you need it at your finger tips without hu ting for it,and also want to save space ,this kind of book shelve will make your room compact and #goals for other.

    You could try any of the above ideas Nd let me know if they helped @revakaneri.ig 

    Wait for my next blog about different types of wardrobe , you’ll find more on Pinterest: revak05 

    A wierd day 

    A wierd day but you still be a fashion icon

    Last night, i had cough well that wasnt that bad unless i decided to go for reduction of my extra belly fat in the gym which was equipped 2h ago. It was locked so had to go for normal workout with my friend. 

    We jogged for 20 mins and then i taught her some yoga poses,it was too much because later we did 20 pushup and many other …

    Apart,i went home and got on my bed , that sudden moment i felt a jerk in my brain. (Abnormal) 

    I closed my eyes and i opened them at:

    1. 2:30 
    2. 3:45
    3. 5:00
    4. 7:00
    5. 8:00

    Next time was when i culdnot sleep more as i realised that at 10:00 i have to go to the gym with my friend but my bed was filled with शेमबुद (si, vous connait). Every time the bell rang i thought it was my friend. 

    But it was not her she came wuite late, but when she came i had high fever “2” and i was bored as my wifi network doesnot come there. 

    Anyway i still managed to order some dresses online, they were really छान ! I got them at a discount of 70% 

    I found some सुंदरता  tips। दादी के नुसके :

    • Squeeze lemon in oil to get awaywith split-nds (really works)
    • Try applying conditioner before shampoo. Reverse 
    • Tie your hair continuously, specially tight high buns or ponytails 

    • Put eyeliner with help of cello taps 
    • Skin tone : lipstick colour
    1. Fair skin tone: peach and coral colours 
    2. Dusky skin: Brick red or caramel colours 
    3. Dark skin: mattle finish red or wine colours 
    • Start day with yoga 

    -reva kaneri 

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